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The manufacturing company “Altmanm” offers a wide range of services in CNC metal processing for various applications, from simple tools to complex components. CNC milling machines enable milling and engraving of surfaces of products in both 2D and 3D space. Numerical control systems are used to automate the milling process, which is a subtractive manufacturing method employing a rotating cutting tool for material removal. Our team of specialists is ready to handle orders of any complexity and ensure high-quality processing.

Services included:

Milling is used for:

  • Medicine
  • Aerospace industry
  • Electronics
  • Industrial equipment
  • Energy industry

The milling process on CNC machines

  • Convert all CAD files into code for processing.
  • Designing parts in CAD.
  • Setting up technological equipment.
  • Manufacturing of parts.
  • Processing of housing parts.
  • Milling of shafts, gears.
  • Volumetric milling.
  • Milling of various surfaces.
  • Reaming operations.
  • Processing of cylindrical and conical surfaces.
  • Cutting operations.

The cost of the work depends on:

  • Order volume.
  • The complexity of the works.
  • Order processing time.
  • The qualitative characteristics of the metal.

Milling of metal

There are several types of surfaces for which milling is suitable for machining on CNC machines:

  • Horizontal milling operations.
  • Inclined milling operations.
  • Shaped milling works.
  • Milling with other types of profile.
Longitudinal800 мм
Transverse320 мм
Vertical420 мм
The working surface of the table1250 мм х 320 мм

3-coordinate CNC milling machines

Similar to a lathe, it adds an additional degree of movement by rotating around a vertical axis, which makes it possible to produce more complex parts.

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4x coordinate CNC milling machines

The 4-axis CNC milling machine is a numerically controlled machine that can move its tool in four directions.

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5-coordinate CNC milling machines

The most advanced milling machine has two additional degrees of displacement due to the rotation of the working table and the spindle.

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CNC machining involves several stages, including computer programming, precise tool movement, and material removal. Here’s a general overview of how CNC machining works: design, programming, setup, execution, monitoring and adjustment, as well as finishing operations and quality control.

Development of a computer-aided design (CAD) model; 2.Converting a CAD file into a program for a CNC machine; 3.Preparing the machine; 4.Performing a processing operation.1. Development of a computer-aided design (CAD) model; 2.Converting a CAD file into a program for a CNC machine;3.Preparing the machine;4.Performing a processing operation.

The 3-axis and 5-axis CNC should be at the center when looking for tools for open networks. The 3-axis CNC machine can move the tool along the X, Y and Z axes. On the other hand, the 5-axis machine can move the tool along the X, Y, Z, A and B axes.

A machining center is a CNC machine designed for milling. It usually includes a variety of tools such as drills and end mills, which can be automatically replaced by the machine to perform various types of milling operations.

The CNC milling machine is used to manufacture many typical geometric parts with strict tolerances and high precision.In the design process of precision CNC milling, we recommend using typical CNC milling parts, including complex planes, curved surfaces, housing parts, connecting rods, propellers and component housings.